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Organic Kimchi-Style Spicy Sauerkraut

Organic Kimchi-Style Spicy Sauerkraut - 375ml & 744ml

Our Ontario Natural Organic Kimchi-Style Spicy Sauerkraut packs a powerful, healthful punch of heat and intensity! Our Kimchi uses an all-vegetarian traditional Korean-style recipe that marries seasonal local organic cabbage with garlic, chilies and spices. It is slow-fermented, raw and unpasteurized, offering you a previously hard to find selection right in your grocery fridge section. Kimchi-Style Spicy Sauerkraut is a condiment, side dish or unexpected conversation-starter. With so many flavours it will be the highlight of your next dish!

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Organic Beet Sauerkraut

Organic Beet Sauerkraut - 375ml & 744ml

Our Ontario Natural Organic Beet Sauerkraut includes finely sliced organic cabbage that has been slow-fermented along with organic ripe red Ontario beets. Our Organic Beet Sauerkraut has is a vibrant, deep beet-pink colour with a zestful flavour that brightens up any plate. Beet Sauerkraut makes an excellent condiment or side dish - whether slightly heated or served chilled.

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Organic Carrot Sauerkraut

Organic Carrot Sauerkraut -375ml & 744ml

Julienne–cut raw organic carrots and fermented seasonal local cabbage varieties are combined to create our great tasting Ontario Natural Organic Carrot Sauerkraut. Using only the freshest ingredients, our Organic Carrot Sauerkraut adds a healthful crunchy addition to any plate.  

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Manitoulin Island Wild Whitefish

Manitoulin Island Wild Whitefish - 1 fillet

Raised naturally in fresh waters surrounding the north and south side of Manitoulin Island, our Whitefish is caught then frozen and packed on the same day by a 5th generation family owned fishery. It is sustainably caught, recognized by Ocean Wise™ and the quick process ensures the freshest taste. Additionally, wild whitefish are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids making it a powerhouse of nutrition. Use our Wild Whitefish as a part of one of your favourite recipes or as the main dish for a great meal.

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Wild Lake Trout

Manitoulin Island Wild Lake Trout - 1 fillet

Our Wild Lake Trout is raised naturally in the wild, providing the freshest taste possible. Served on its own or as an addition to any meal, our Wild Lake Trout has a taste that's sure to impress.


Wild Smoked Whitefish

Manitoulin Island Wild Smoked Whitefish - 1 fillet

We have filleted our wild-caught freshwater Manitoulin Island Whitefish and sent it to our fishery smokehouse, who use only traditional methods and 100% natural smoke to create this wonderful smoked fish. We have added a whole new dimension of flavour for you to enjoy as an appetizer or as a rather special recipe ingredient. High in Omega-3 fatty acids, our Wild Smoked Whitefish is a unique addition to any celebration with the added benefits of nutritional density.

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